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Aired December 31, 2021
Artist in Residence & Singular Sensation's New Years' Eve Mask-Erade.

The work was made in layers, in isolation over five days, split between Victoria and Toronto.

Layer One: Call and Response. Monologues written in direct response to the one before it.

Layer Two: Each creator filmed a video response for the others monologue.

Layer Three: Recording voice over for the video - each creator voicing their own work.

Layer Four: To create the fifth and final act of the work, each creator recorded words relating to the project. One creator edited the audio together, while the other edited together the video each had filmed.

Put all together, the layers created the "Five Days of Disassociation" - an exploration of isolation, memory, anxiety, space and relationship.

Five Days.png
Five Days of Disassociation: Project
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